Sarah Palin & the Mavericks
Hi, I took that video and I just wanted to say that you guys should totally play some shows because I really like you guys and sometimes I go back and watch it just to sing along. Also, I came across your myspace page a super long ass time ago and thought it was cool and then kinda forgot about it for like two or three years and then when you guys played with Paul Baribeau it was like discovering a lost treasure. So there's my Sarah Palin and the Mavericks story of the day.

Hi!  Thank you for the video and this super nice message!  We are kind of always on hiatus unless someone asks us to play a show;  if you ever have something you want us to play, let me know.  God bless and vote Romney





Sarah Palin & The Mavericks opening for Paul Baribeau last Thursday at The Juicer.

omg this is weird and so obnoxious and i really needed a haircut

also this was the most fun ever


Whoa there is a video of this what WHAT conch solo

Hi i think this is the only video that exists of us live—some people thought the second song in this vid was offensive but it is supposed to be taken from the viewpoint of sarah palin like all of our songs (so sorry :/ )

Acoustic show tomorrow (8/15) at the moving castle.

This will probably be the last show for awhile.  As always, come rail on yr rents, flip the bird to Obama, and ride the wave.  Additionally, if anyone is like “Wow I love SPATM,” I have demos and other merch WOW NEATO but if anyone is like “Wow I REALLY love SPATM” they should talk to me about putting out a record because that would rule it.

May the Bachmann be with you.


Hey wow we are playing a show today and also going to see Harry Potter.  Get in touch if you are interested.

We are playing in Chicago on the 15th at the Moving Castle okay cool wow.

We will have fireworks and dynamite at the show, if you are scared go home pussy.  It will be the greatest show ever and Brandon Michael Lee I’m gonna poop in your lawn and light it on fire.

Fuck barack,



Officially playing our first show since the infamous Chicago Halloween Party (which ended in some bloodshed and a quick flee from the police) July 30th in Mundelein, IL with our bandff’s The Please and Thank Yous.  We are also looking to play more dates this summer, and the majority of the band will be living in Chicago come September (be our friends) if you live there and want to play with us.

I printed the last 25 copies ever of the Upside Down Sarah Palin Coloring Boooooooook (the jokes in it are getting stale, guys, I have to make a new one—it even has our myspace link WHAT IS MYSPACE???), so if you want a copy, seductively bat your eyelashes at me.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

We’re headed in a new creative direction.  Think Reel Big Fish.

One more for preservation’s sake.  This is a video of Sarah Palin and Alexander Slamilton’s last high school project ever (with a guest appearance by Nick Whitehouse) filmed by some weird kid who is making comments throughout the vid (totally excellent).  Minus 11 points for lack of factual information, plus 10 points of credit for creativity.  HIGH SCHOOL IS SO LAME WHAT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slam goin ham

Slam goin ham

This song goes out to Red Lobster’s 4-course seafood dinner for only $15 hot damn.  Nick takes all the ladies out for a good meal at the Lobs.

Today was a great day.  It marked the induction of Alexander Slamilton as melodica player and elite goofy goof.  We recorded 7 songs as videos with Nick’s fancy computer and then Slamilton smoked an entire pack of cigarettes at one time on the beach.  Anyway, this video is one of many.  Dedicated to Nicolas Cage, my favorite actor.  Nick is probably the best drummer of all time.